Nordis Direct Releases Expresso 3.0

Enhancements to usability and performance highlight this latest release, to further streamline the process of managing personalized mail and email communications.

Direct marketing solutions provider Nordis Direct has announced the release of Expresso™ 3.0. Expresso is a web-based platform that simplifies the process of creating and managing personalized mail and email communications. This latest release provides Expresso users with multiple enhancements including new and improved content management, report management and email management features, as well as overall improvements to usability and performance. In addition, effective with release 3.0, Expresso now supports Internet Explorer 8.0 as a browser alternative.

The Expresso platform empowers users to quickly and easily create, change, approve, produce and track personalized letters, statements, invoices, and other communications for distribution via mail or email. Any document element can be dynamically tailored to the individual customer, from copy, photos, and graphics, to legal disclosures, and regional or other product/customer-specific variations. Expresso is ideal for organizations that send out large volumes or many different versions of documents, including reservation confirmation letters, invoices, statements, medical notices, collection letters, member communications, customer service communications, product recalls, legal information or any other critical correspondence. 

“The success of any organization depends on its ability to effectively communicate with their customers and prospects on a regular basis; and quite often, this process presents a major challenge for many companies. With Expresso, our automated platform for managing personalized communications, we have enabled our clients to face this challenge head-on to more effectively manage their communications, “stated Ronnie Selinger, President/CEO of Nordis Direct. “We are pleased to once again provide our users with a new Expresso release, as part of our on-going effort to deliver improved customer-centric communications solutions.”

Specific details of the enhanced features are available to authorized users by logging on to the secure Expresso web portal or by contacting a member of the Expresso Installation Team.

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