Nordis Direct now offers Track N Trace® Intelligent Mailpiece Delivery Tracking

Nordis Direct now offers clients the ability to accurately track their mail jobs through the mailstream with Track N Trace®. This service uses state-of-the-art USPS barcode technology to provide comprehensive, up-to-date delivery details of a mailpiece as it moves through the mail system. Through a convenient,  password protected on-line portal accessible on the Nordis Direct website,, clients can log-in to monitor the delivery status of their jobs, generate reports and download the information into multiple file formats as needed.

Track N Trace can be used with presorted First Class™, Standard Mail® or Periodical mailings. The service assigns a unique ID for each mailpiece and includes that data in the Intelligent Mail barcode that gets printed directly on the address label. After each mailing drops, Track N Trace collects step-by-step delivery information from postal facilities on the pieces’ delivery paths and maintains that data on a secure web interface. With Track N Trace, clients can closely monitor the progress of their mailings to help gauge delivery effectiveness, pinpoint delivery dates for tightly coordinated direct marketing efforts and predict future performance.

The Track N Trace service uses United States Postal Service® OneCode Confirm® service and the Intelligent Mail® barcode to track automated First-Class™, Standard Mail®, or Periodicals mailings, for better mailing effectiveness and coordinated marketing efforts. Track N Trace® is a Registered Trademark of BÖWE BELL+ HOWELL

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