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Nordis Direct now offers Track N Trace® Intelligent Mailpiece Delivery Tracking

March 10, 2010

Nordis Direct now offers clients the ability to accurately track their mail jobs through the mailstream with Track N Trace®. This service uses state-of-the-art USPS barcode technology to provide comprehensive, up-to-date delivery details of a mailpiece as it moves through the mail system. Through a convenient,  password protected on-line portal accessible on the Nordis Direct website,, clients can log-in to monitor the delivery status of their jobs, generate reports and download the information into multiple file formats as needed.

Track N Trace can be used with presorted First Class™, Standard Mail® or Periodical mailings. The service assigns a unique ID for each mailpiece and includes that data in the Intelligent Mail barcode that gets printed directly on the address label. After each mailing drops, Track N Trace collects step-by-step delivery information from postal facilities on the pieces’ delivery paths and maintains that data on a secure web interface. With Track N Trace, clients can closely monitor the progress of their mailings to help gauge delivery effectiveness, pinpoint delivery dates for tightly coordinated direct marketing efforts and predict future performance.

The Track N Trace service uses United States Postal Service® OneCode Confirm® service and the Intelligent Mail® barcode to track automated First-Class™, Standard Mail®, or Periodicals mailings, for better mailing effectiveness and coordinated marketing efforts. Track N Trace® is a Registered Trademark of BÖWE BELL+ HOWELL


Expresso Streamlines the Creation and Management of 1-to-1 Prospect, Owner, and Financial Communications

March 9, 2010

Anyone involved with their organization’s prospect, owner or financial communications knows all too well that the process of planning, developing, and delivering these custom communications can be inefficient, expensive, and often ineffective.  Time to market is essential to the effectiveness of timeshare prospect and owner communications, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.  In many cases, it can take as long as 90 – 120 days to create and deploy a new ongoing communication project, but the dynamic nature of the vacation ownership industry necessitates frequent changes in communications strategy making this unacceptable.  In today’s economic environment, resort developers need greater productivity from their workforce than ever before.  An effective communications solution must deliver:

SPEED:  Reduced time to market for new programs; reduced turnaround (time to mailbox) and eliminate IT bottleneck.

IMPACT: Personalization, variable content (text & images); business rules, multiple channels

COST EFFECTIVENESS:  Minimized staff time, reduced IT costs, reduced mailing costs

CONTROL: Centralized process to ensure consistency, visibility into production process, change control over documents, content and user permissions, on-line proofing, workflow/approval process, compliance with legal requirements and brand standards.

What is the solution? Expresso, a web-enabled proprietary software platform that revolutionizes the way resort developers create and manage their one-to-one prospect, owner and financial communications.  User-friendly technology provides complete control over the content development and production of the communication either as a printed document or email. 

What it does.  Through the implementation of this software platform, resort developers can significantly improve the manner in which they manage their prospect, owner and financial communications across multiple channels. This platform gives non-technical personnel the ability to quickly and efficiently develop personalized critical document content utilizing a secure web-based portal, while managing the business rules and observing on-line proofs of the final document. Personnel can quickly and easily design, develop and deliver personalized communications via letter mail, email, and other channels, directly from their desktop. 

 The reaction by resort developers now using Expresso, including Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Wyndham Consumer Finance, WorldMark by Wyndham, Hilton Grand Vacation Company, Equiant and SPM Resorts, has been extraordinary. What used to take many hours or even days in content development with multiple staff members and department approvals, now takes just minutes – and with fewer personnel. 

How it works.  By dynamically merging content (text, images, logos, etc.), business rules (simple to complex), and client data, the platform automatically creates unique, personalized communications. External services, such as reverse-append, NCOA, CASS certification, postal presorting and suppression, occur without user intervention. Output is processed quickly, making next business day mailing (or same day emailing) to prospects and owners a reality – and with considerable and quantifiable cost savings. Expresso’s secure web-based user platform is easily accessible from any authorized PC, giving its users the ability to make changes, approvals, and track the progress of their program at any time, from wherever they are.

Communications supported. Expresso supports all types of written and electronic communications, including sales and marketing, owner servicing and referral, and financial, HOA as well as transpromotional and direct mail initiatives.

Where can I find this technology? Expresso, developed by Nordis Direct, is currently the only platform of its kind that has fulfilled the promise of improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of ongoing prospect and owner communications for clients in the timeshare industry.

In today’s challenging economic environment, cost effective communications and marketing strategies are essential to maximizing the lifetime value of an existing customer while continuing to grow the client base through direct marketing programs. Expresso is proven to increase the effectiveness of prospect and owner communications while simultaneously reducing time to market and program cost.

Nordis Direct is committed to providing effective marketing and critical communications through innovative solutions. From its lettershop heritage, the company has evolved into an end-to-end solution provider enabling resort developers to establish, transact, and maintain relationships through relevant, effective, and efficient communications across multiple channels.

To schedule an on-line demo of Expresso, please contact Rich O’Rourke, Vice President, Business Development at or (954)323-5220.