Microtargeting Prospects with Nordis Direct Expresso

A recent article on SmartDataCollective.com by Sundeep Kapur highlights the best practices needed to convert prospects into repeat buyers by microtargeting individuals.  The best practices he enumerates are (paraphrased):

  1. Making a connection – Creating targeted offers via prospects’ known preferences.
  2. Try to create a memory – Use interesting, memorable copy and artwork.
  3. Provide a trigger – Have a “tangible asset” that can be purchased, even if it’s a small purchase.
  4. Follow up with more – Capture preferences and feedback and craft follow-up offerings within 30 to 45 days.
  5. Keep score – Follow up on results and use that information to drive further tests and offers.

While Mr. Kapur’s points are indisputable, many marketers are still left with a shortage of tools with which to execute against these best practices.

Nordis Direct’s Expresso™ product is specifically designed to provide a low-cost, easy-to-use platform that bakes these best practices directly into its everyday workflow.  Expresso™ addresses these best practices directly:

  1. Making a closer connection by allowing the user to use sophisticated business rules and content assembly to dynamically create an offer based on highly granular demographic, activity, or preference data elements within the prospect record.
  2. Creating a memory by allowing the user to dynamically insert glossy collateral pieces into the mailing and render full-color print materials customized to each campaign and prospect segment or individual.
  3. Providing purchase triggers in the form of click-through e-mails, personalized URL landing sites, or other customized calls to action in the offer itself.
  4. Following up by automatically sending related packages at set intervals, or based on response, or by having e-mail campaigns automatically follow up with print items if the e-mails are not opened.
  5. Keeping score by maintaining a database of customer activity that can be merged with outcome tracking into a single holistic customer view for advanced analytics and segmentation activities.

If your multi-channel, micro-targeted marketing efforts are not enabling you to effectively convert prospects to repeat buyers, you owe it to yourself to visit www.nordisdirect.com to learn how Expresso™ can revolutionize your communications for prospects and clients.

— jat

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