Meeting the Communications Needs of the Vacation Ownership Industry

Even after years in the timeshare, hospitality, and vacation ownership industries, I am constantly amazed by the complexity of the industry.  Consider this — most timeshare companies not only have all the complexities of their rental hospitality brethren, but they are also tour operators, property management companies, condo association management, and mortgage originators and servicers.   To make things even more complex, even in the areas where they overlap other industries, the rules and regulations for timeshare are in many cases more complex than the equivalent in a business process in another industry.  For example, as complex as multi-channel reservations may be for a non-timeshare hotel property, in the case of timeshare they are made even more complex by the restrictions around what can and cannot be done with a property owner’s entitlement (points usage or fixed week purchase).  Even within those rules, the amount of time between the booking date and the actual stay date may alter the rules significantly.

Timeshare and vacation ownership companies, therefore, are a prime candidate for Smarter Systems, as outlined in James Taylor’s excellent book Smart (Enough) Systems. In that book, Taylor and Raden advocate the use of intelligent, rules-based systems for automating the day-to-day decisions that result in the underutilization of staff when done manually.

At Nordis Direct we have taken the question “What do Smarter Systems look like from a marketing perspective?” and encapsulated those insights in our Expresso™ product.  By making the systems more intelligent, we have greatly reduced the cycle time in our customers’ marketing programs from conception to execution, and have enabled a high degree of data-driven personalization within the marketing programs themselves.  This can manifest as a different message printing in a marketing zone on a statement based on a customer’s individual profile, or as a different insert based on past customer history, or as an entirely different offer mailing to different customer segments.

We have also embraced our customers’ needs to execute these marketing plans as cost-effectively as possible.  While the effectiveness of e-mail advertising versus print mailing is still a hotly debated theme (which we’ll address in a future blog posting on this site), Expresso allows for intelligent fail-over of e-mail campaigns, so an equivalent print piece can be sent out automatically if the e-mail offer is not viewed within a particular time frame.  Maintaining reach and penetration while reducing cost?  That sounds like Smarter Systems!

It’s no wonder, therefore, that a significant portion of our clients come from the vacation ownership and timeshare industries.  We understand their unique needs and are able to provide flexibility and customization that even their internal marketing processes have difficulty replicating.  Watch this space for more information on how Nordis Direct services the unique needs of the vacation ownership industry in future installments, or head on over to Nordis Direct to learn more now.  Until next time, Happy Marketing!

— jat

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